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FIRPTA Canada has been a great assistance in this process of following all the steps necessary in order to properly comply with the requirements of selling a US property. From the very start they assured us that they would work with us to make sure all the steps were taken and that everything would be done properly. They have answered all our questions and let us know what the next step would be in the process and the timing of when each step needed to be completed. We feel we do not need to worry that all steps will be completed on time and each step will be done properly.
Gordon Lowe Avatar
Gordon Lowe
My dealings with FIRPTA exceeded my expectations. I felt a sense of warmth with both Jeanine and Asif and I am quite comfortable doing business with them. They are easy to talk to and I am very satisfied with their professionalism, efficiency and quick responses to my emails. I will not hesitate to recommend FIRPTA to friends and family. .
Miriam Rosendall Avatar
Miriam Rosendall
I contacted FIRPTA Canada prior to the sale of our Florida condo. I dealt with Jeanine who was amazing. She explained the process to me and was very thorough. Once the sale was pending, she was very efficient and handled everything that was needed for FIRPTA on closing. A few weeks later, we had an appointment with Asif in Toronto to help us with applying for our ITIN. He too was very knowledgeable and very thorough on next steps and what we should expect in the coming months. We will be using FIRPTA Canada to prepare our US taxes and get our withholding tax returned to us. He provided us with guidelines on what will be needed and suggested forwarding to them once we have everything so that tax returns can be prepared and ready to file as soon as they are allowed. My husband and I left that meeting feeling very confident that FIRPTA Canada are experts in this field. Thank you Jeanine and Asif for your outstanding service!!
Sue DiPietro Avatar
Sue DiPietro
Our experience with the FIRPTA Canada team was great. Clear communication letting us know what we needed to provide, the work being done and then final review and signing. Highly recommend working with this team!
Anne Thomson Avatar
Anne Thomson
Our issue was handled quickly and in a professional manner
Paul Egan Avatar
Paul Egan
Asif and Jeanine were excellent to work with! Both were so knowledgeable, prompt, and professional and helped us sort out the requirements for our US father's estate. Would highly recommend them!
Denise Chambers Avatar
Denise Chambers
A complex process made easy and seamless by this great company. They are attentive, thorough, and a pleasure to work with.
kelly sullivan Avatar
kelly sullivan
Kind and very helpful person that you will find in Canada, commitment to professionalism.
Macongo Anita Avatar
Macongo Anita
Asif and Jeanine were wonderful to work with and were able to successfully assist us with an IRS FIRPTA issue we had.
K&P Miles Avatar
K&P Miles
WE received excellent , responsive & knowledgeable service from both administrative & principle personnel. They made what is a needlessly complex process seem manageable. I would highly recommend the services of FIRPTA CANADA to any Canadian in need of assistance dealing with the tax implications of the sale of U.S.A. property. They know their stuff ! Charles Monk
Charles Monk Avatar
Charles Monk
My experience with Firpta Canada has been excellent. The team is very knowledgeable, easy to work with and highly professional. Firpta Canada will be my go to tax advisor going forward!
Mike Mackasey Avatar
Mike Mackasey
Timely and precise communications, quality data and information, and a a trusted nexus to the IRS for Canadians. That was my experience with Firpta. There’s nothing else quite like Firpta
Malcolm Thistle Avatar
Malcolm Thistle
Prior to speaking with Jeanine at FIRPTA CANADA I had a lot of anxiety about this process. She was very helpful and reassuring that she’ll handle things. And she did. Asif did an amazing job getting the documents completed and submitted promptly. I have no complaints!
Linda Langford Avatar
Linda Langford
FIRPTA CANADA has been outstanding in preparing our US tax returns and submitting them to IRS plus continuing to assist us in dealing with a FIRPTA problem created by the purchasers agents when we sold our US property. FIRPTA CANADA personnel are very knowledgeable and easy to deal with. They respond to our inquiries quickly and are totally informative about the process of preparation and submission of information and documentation.
Keith Miles Avatar
Keith Miles
I love working with Asif and his team. I can't think of anyone more aware of the ins and outs of taxes in both countries. Thank you for all you do to make things clear and understandable, deeply appreciated.
Maria Kliavkoff Avatar
Maria Kliavkoff
The Firpta team were Extremely knowledgeable in helping us navigate unknown territory with the IRS. A refreshing feeling as they updated us in each step and moving forward as to what to expect. They exceeded our expectations with their expertise and we would not hesitate in hiring them again. Sincerely
Suzanne Cook Avatar
Suzanne Cook
Jeanine & Asif @ are very professional and extremely knowledgeable when it comes to filing IRS tax returns for Canadian citizens. Don’t even think about trying to do this on your own. It is a complicated process to navigate through. Firpta Canada is definitely the “Go to Company” You can sleep comfortably knowing that you are in good hands. William N. Cook, Oshawa ON.
William Cook Avatar
William Cook
Asif was very kind and knowledgeable and made us feel very comfortable from the time we entered the office.
Debra Findlater Avatar
Debra Findlater
We received first-class personal attention and additional assistance not in the contract. Asif runs a highly recommended organization. I'm glad we found him. Larry Paikin, Hamilton, Ont.
Larry Paikin Avatar
Larry Paikin
Excellent company
Brenda Theoret Avatar
Brenda Theoret
Asif was very helpful at our meeting with him. His knowledge of US Tax law and the IRS is great. We would highly recommend his services.
Diana Hastman Protz Avatar
Diana Hastman Protz