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Selling your U.S. property involves many steps, and each step must be done accurately and properly to avoid costly and/or time-consuming mistakes.

Our Mission

FIRPTA CANADA INC. was created with a single purpose: to simplify the process of selling U.S. property for our fellow Canadians. That’s all we do, and we’re proud to say we do it really well.

We get a great deal of satisfaction when we know we’re making your life easier, so you can spend more time doing things you enjoy.

Our Values

Underlying all our values is the single word, love.

• We love what we do.
• We love how we do it.
• We love who we do it for.

We also value:

  • Integrity. Without strong ethical or moral principles—being a good person—we lose trust in each other, and our clients won’t trust we are giving them advice that’s in their best interests. Without integrity, all our other values are meaningless. Sometimes it can be hard to do the right thing, especially if it means you’re not going to get what you want. But when you know it’s the right thing to do, you simply must do it!
  • Honesty. We don’t tell lies, and if we make a mistake, we own up to it without fear of the consequences. We’re also truthful with you even if you won’t like what we’re going to say.
  • Transparency. We don’t believe in contracts. If we’re not earning your business on a daily basis, we don’t deserve your business.
  • Working Hard (in a fun way). When you work hard, you can accomplish anything you want. We believe in just going out and doing it, but in a way that’s enjoyable so it’s sustainable over the long term.
  • Fairness. We’re fair in how we price our services and how we deal with you. Everything is up front, with no surprises or extra add-ons.
  • Accountability. We don’t point the finger at others but take responsibility for our own work and actions.

Asif Rahemtulla  EA, CAA


Hi, I’m Asif. I come from a family of entrepreneurs and business owners. After holding senior positions in the corporate world, I decided to chart my own course to create something that could benefit others in my community. I started Platinum Bookkeeping and Tax in 2017 to serve small businesses in Canada.

I am an Enrolled Agent (EA), admitted to practice before the IRS, and a Certifying Acceptance Agent (CAA) for the IRS. As we developed our U.S. services, we saw a growing need for a comprehensive solution for Canadians selling U.S. property interests. Whether they have vacation properties or rental properties, Canadians are forced to deal with a multitude of service providers in what can be a very complex, confusing process. I recognized the need to create a one-stop service offering where everything from FIRPTA compliance all the way through to the ending Canadian tax return can be handled seamlessly and efficiently. Thus FIRPTA CANADA was born.

We are truly excited to work with our Canadian clients, simplifying an occasionally daunting process. Sit back, relax, and let us take care of everything from start to finish, or anywhere in between, based on your specific needs.

Jeanine Wilk, EA


Hi, I’m Jeanine. I work closely with FIRPTA CANADA’s Canadian clients, helping them navigate the complexity of U.S tax when dealing with real property in the U.S and the necessary tax returns and documents that need to be filed. Dealing with U.S. taxes, especially as a Canadian citizen, isn’t the most fun thing you’ll ever do, but my goal is to make it as enjoyable as possible.

Prior to joining FIRPTA CANADA, I worked at a law firm that specializes in U.S. tax. Handling very complex cases for clients gave me well-rounded insight into how the U.S. tax system works. I find the intricacy of U.S. tax to be very interesting and exciting, so it made sense to become an Enrolled Agent (EA), admitted to practice before the IRS.

I see myself and the client as a team. You won’t find me quoting from the Internal Revenue Code; I explain things in easy-to-understand language so you know exactly what’s happening at each stage. I look forward to working with you and helping you through the process.